PHOTO: Meet the Bachelorette's New Puppy!

The teacup Yorkie is home in Maine while Ashley Hebert tries to find true love on TV

At this very moment, the new Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, is going to cocktail parties, “making connections,” and handing out roses on her season of the show, which just began shooting. While she’s living it up with 25 eligible guys, the real “love of her life,” her new teacup Yorkie Boo, is pining for her back home in Maine.

“She’s at her grandmother’s house right now,” Hebert tells PEOPLE. But not by choice.

The pooch, pictured above in Hebert’s suitcase, tried really hard to tagalong on her Mom’s trip to shoot the ABC show. At least the dog has something to look forward to: when Herbert brings guys home for the “hometown dates” later in the season, we know they’ll give Boo lots of attention. That is, if they know how to win a girl’s heart!

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