PHOTO: Kitty Rocks 'Half-Cat Half-Chicken' Look Post-Surgery, Goes Viral

The kitty recently had surgery in the hip area


I’m not wearing underfur!

According to The Dodo, a orange tabby is becoming the cat about town after a photo of his shocking post-surgery look appeared on Imgur. The photo shows the handsome feline lounging in his natural fur coat on top, but on the bottom there is not a hair to be seen.

The cat’s pink poultry-esque belly and legs has people calling the kitty “half-cat, half-chicken.” But this isn’t some kind of crossbreed, this is just a cat who recently had surgery. The pet required an operation in the hip area, and veterinarians had to shave the fur from the spot before starting surgery.

Unfortunately for him, fur takes a lot longer to grow back than it does to cut off.

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