Gator the rescue goose goes on daily outings – with shoes on, of course

By People Staff
Updated June 14, 2011 07:30 PM

What’s a goose to do on a hot summer day?

Put on some sandals, obviously!

Alright, so it might not be so normal, but Gator the rescue goose is anything but. This special bird, who lives in St. Augustine, Fla., with owners Bob and Lauree Strouse, loves going on walks (on leash!). He was rescued by the couple after they grew worried for his vulnerability; there are alligators near the lake where the Strouses first met the goose four years ago. PHOTOS: 11 Pets Who Act Like People

Ever since, the trio has been walking around the lake together, taking in the scenery. The concrete sidewalks weren’t any fun to step on barefoot, though, even with his webbed goose skin, so the Strouses put custom footwear on their buddy bird.

Not a bad look if we say so ourselves!

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