PHOTO: Fat Cat Swims to Lose Weight

The 13-year-old obese kitty has swapped Maury marathons for laps in the pool

Holly the cat is large – and in charge of the indoor pool at Dulles, Virginia’s Olde Towne Pet Resort!

The 13-year-old feline – who weighs a hefty 18 lbs. – takes regular swims in the pool in an effort to shed the 6 or 7 pounds of extra weight she’s been carrying for far too long.

“The cat actually sits around all day watching Maury Povich shows at home,” the resort’s publicist, Mayra Ruiz-Mcpherson, tells PEOPLE. “The goal is just to get her moving. Swimming in the pool is the only activity she does.”

Holly’s owner, Dani Lawhorne, who works at the facility, began bringing the cat for swim sessions about a month ago after she became concerned about the extra pounds the cat was carrying. The morbidly obese kitty, who, unlike most cats is a natural in the water, is the only feline swimmer at the pool right now. Each time she visits, she dons a life vest and takes supervised swims for up to 30 minutes a time.

“Today she was just gliding and floating,” says Ruiz-Mcpherson. “She loves it. She did better than the dogs here today.”

Click the video to see Holly in action!

Holly the “Aquatic Kitty” Takes a Dip in the Olde Towne Pet Resort Indoor Pool from Mayra Ruiz on Vimeo.

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