Four-day-old Aylesbury ducklings feel “superior and safe” atop the toy, says a farmer at U.K.’s Pennywell Farm

March 30, 2010 09:05 PM

Just like little people of the human sort, when one baby duck is doing something that looks like fun, his little pals are very eager to follow suit. Case in point: these 4-day-old Aylesbury ducklings who reside at the Pennywell Farm in Devon, Engand.

“I put two of the ducklings on the skateboard, then the others wanted to join their chums,” says Chris Murray, a farmer at Pennywell, who orchestrated the shot. “Being little fellas I helped them up and they sat as ‘masters of all they surveyed.’ Being up off the ground also makes them feel safe and superior as they are rather challenged by their height.”

Several weeks later, these fluffy guys are now “naughty adolescents” with free rein around the farmyard, according to Murray. “Ducks are really greedy so they spend their day waddling around, seeing whose picnic they can raid,” he says. “They adore eating worms and also they love seeing the visitors who buy special food with which they can be hand fed.” Food as motivation? Sounds like a lot of the teenagers we know!

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