Pet shop owner Derek Wakeham has a friendly assistant in his meerkat

By People Staff
Updated November 18, 2009 12:45 PM

Regular customers of the Sign of the Owl Petshop in the U.K are used to the sight of Clyde, a foot-tall domesticated meerkat, poking around the cash register –imagine that! Six-year-old Clyde is the hand-reared pet of shop owner Derek Wakeham and his wife Julie.

The meerkat, with his wiry gray hair and dark button ears, enjoys noshing on fruit, eggs, mealworms and crickets, and he especially loves people. Wakeham told the Western Morning News that “Clyde is very sociable. He loves to play on the counter in the shop and often climbs up on the till – the customers love him.” We’d buy what he’s selling!