PHOTO: Cats Crash Brooklyn Nativity Scene

The feral kitties like to cozy up on the hay between the Virgin Mary and Joseph

These days, the holiday season is really about peppermint-flavored everything and cats. But mostly cats.

We have cats in Christmas trees. Cats in Santa hats hating Christmas. Cats in Santa hats loving … you get the point.

But some festive felines in Red Hook, Brooklyn, are taking their holiday cheer to biblical proportions. That’s right – they’re turning a local residence’s nativity scene into a cat-ivity scene.

Sisters Annette and Sue Amendola have put up the manger scene in a lot next to their N.Y.C. home for more than a decade, reports the local DNAinfo. The traditional Christmas display, which depicts the birth of Jesus, has become a place for the feral cats to congregate during the holidays. The sisters say the cats cozy up between the Virgin Mary and Joseph, knocking the Jesus statue out of their way.

“People love it,” Sue Amendola says. “But they really get a laugh out of the cats.”

Courtesy Rafael Lopez, Jr.
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