Amateur Photographer Captures Amazing Photo of Blackbird Riding on Bald Eagle's Back

The photographer says the blackbird landed on the eagle after the latter got too close to the little bird's turf

blackbird rides on bald eagle's back
Photo: Jason McCarty

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time, and you capture magic.

That is exactly what happened to amateur nature photographer Jason McCarty of central Minnesota, who told CNN, “I talk to Mother Nature, and she talks back. It’s a bond that’s hard to explain.”

McCarty was recently out enjoying the nature around Osceola, Wisconsin, when he captured a bond that’s hard to explain on his camera. He managed to get a shot of a red-winged blackbird riding on the back of a bald eagle that easily dwarfed the other bird.

This difference in size didn’t scare the blackbird. McCarty says that blackbirds are known for being territorial, and that the one he spotted landed on the back of the eagle after the larger flier got a little too close to blackbird’s turf, reports CNN.

According to the photographer, this invasion of privacy was all an honest mistake. McCarty told PEOPLE that the eagle, who he has named Janice, flew by him with a fish in her talons and dropped the meal off at her nest for her two eaglets — named Gary and Leonard by McCarty. On the way back from this drop-off, Janice got a little too close to the touchy blackbird’s personal space.

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While the little bird did its best to aggravate the eagle, by digging its feet into her back, the blackbird was no match for Janice’s steely calm. The eagle kept soaring on, and the blackbird eventual gave up on proving its point and flew back home.

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