Puppy Mill Rescue Dog Phoenix Lives Up to His Name, Making a Fresh Start After a Rough Life

Phoenix the Maltese, who suffers from congestive heart failure, is now in a forever loving home thanks to North Shore Animal League America and their spokesperson Beth Stern

Joey the dog rescue
Photo: North Shore Animal League

Phoenix has risen from the ashes in a big way.

The 10-year-old Maltese recently came into the care of North Shore Animal League America (NSALA), after the nonprofit's Rescue Team saved the dog from deplorable puppy mills conditions. According to NSALA, Phoenix was "clearly in acute distress" when he arrived at the organization's Long Island campus.

The little pup was rushed to the rescue's medical center, where he collapsed but managed to resuscitate himself without outside help. This amazing act earned the Maltese the nickname Phoenix. After the dog stabilized, NSALA took the furry survivor to Long Island Veterinary Specialists (LIVS) for help determining why Phoenix experienced cardiac arrest.

LIVS' veterinarians determined that Phoenix has congestive heart failure, which cannot be cured but can be managed with medication. After surviving a puppy mill and cardiac arrest, Phoenix was up to working on his health and creating a better future for himself.

Phoenix recovered at LIVS before moving back to NSALA. Upon his return, NSALA rescuers were amazed to see the progress the dog had made. Gone was the tiny canine who didn't have enough energy to hold himself up, and in his place was a sweet, vibrant pooch who loves meeting new people.

Joey the dog rescue
North Shore Animal League

The new spunkier Phoenix and his stunning recovery story caught the eye of Beth Stern, NSALA's spokesperson and "foster parent extraordinaire." Stern shared the dog's comeback tale with her over 600,000 Instagram followers to find a perfect forever home for Phoenix to comfortably enjoy his golden years.

Joey the dog rescue
North Shore Animal League

It didn't take long for Stern to find the ideal match. Shortly after posting Phoenix's story, a couple who recently lost their Maltese to congestive heart failure reached out. The pair knew exactly what kind of care Phoenix required to thrive and were eager to give it to him.

The couple, Bobbi and Kent, drove up from Pennsylvania to Port Washington, New York, to meet Phoenix and instantly fell in love. They adopted Phoenix, renamed him Joey, and drove him to his new home, where a life of love, affection, and relaxation awaits.

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