Ben Simmons/Instagram
January 25, 2017 06:27 PM

Put your cats in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care.

That’s what Philadelphia 76ers fans are doing, as a form of unique celebration. After years of struggle, the NBA team is starting to rack up consecutive, impressive wins, which is cause for patient Sixers’ supporters to go wild, especially on social media.

Amidst the tweets of encouragement, a movement has formed inspired by a Sixers player who hasn’t even stepped foot on the court.

According to The Newcastle Herald, Ben Simmons, who was drafted first overall to the Sixers last year and is expected to make his NBA debut after the All-Star break, is a cat fanatic. The rookie is the proud papa to two Savannah cats, which he often posts photos of on his social media.

After seeing these shots, one Philly fan, Twitter user @GipperGrove, decided to take a cue from Simmons’ social playbook and Tweet photos of his own feline. Soon, after every Sixers win, @GipperGrove was posting a picture with his pet held in the air like baby Simba à la The Lion King, quickly tacking on his own hash tag #RaisetheCat.


Using its peculiar magic, the social world latched onto the furry celebration. Soon, dozens of Sixers fans were sharing photos of themselves proudly holding their kitties aloft to mark a win by the Sixers.

Many of the results are regal.

Some take a more unconventional turn.

But you can feel the passion in every shot, and the cat confusion as well.

Simmons, confused at first by the new trend, has embraced #RaisetheCat himself.

Now, the hashtag is a full fledged social media success story.

So next time you hear about a Sixers win, log on and enjoy all the #RaisetheCat responses.

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