One Lucky Dog: Peyton Manning Adopts Abused Puppy After Family Falls for Her on Vacation

Sunshine the puppy was rescued from a country fair where she was being kept under poor conditions by a carnival worker

After early days of cloudy skies, Sunshine finally has a bright future ahead.

Peyton Manning and his family recently adopted the baby dog from Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi (ARF), a non-profit, no-kill, donation-based shelter that is one of the largest in the state.

Before the retired quarterback met the sweet, blonde pup, she’d escaped a life of abuse. Sunshine was first discovered at the Neshoba County Fair by a concerned animal lover. According to a Facebook post from ARF, the Good Samaritan spotted the “tiny, two pound puppy” being kept under horrible conditions by a carnival worker.

“The puppy was being alternatively kept in a garbage bag or tied with a rope around her neck (too tight), covered in fleas and infected with intestinal parasites,” reads the post about Sunshine’s sad beginnings.

The Good Samaritan bought the puppy from the carnival worker and brought her to Pippa Jackson of ARF. After getting the baby dog vetted and on a healthy diet, Jackson placed Sunshine in a foster home.

Lucky for Sunshine the foster family happened to vacation in the same area as Manning and his family. Manning’s kids and his wife quickly became enamored with the tiny dog, and once they found up she was available for adoption, how could they say no?

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Jackson tells PEOPLE that Sunshine might not know it yet, but she has fallen into a “vat of butter” becoming part of the Manning clan. We are sure her new forever family, who might be calling the puppy Livvy, will give the pup a perfect life.

To learn more about Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi, which started in 2005 to help dogs affected by Hurricane Katrina, and to support the organization’s work, visit its website.

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