Elizabeth Aldridge/Getty Images
April 16, 2018 12:00 PM

Is your only reason for being on social networks to read up on the latest pet gossip? Are you constantly checking out animal spotting Facebook pages? Well, look no further for the social media network that is perfect for you! Petzbe is the ideal app for those who love their furry friends.

Throughout April, pets will be able to celebrate National Pet Day/Month by uploading “selfies” to their own social media platform. The new app resembles an Instagram solely for furry friends. It boasts a description of “No humans allowed” and has already built up a platform with thousands of furry-tailed, four-pawed users. The app is built for pet parents to gush about their pets, and lick and sniff content rather than like and follow it.


Not only does the company have the best boy CEO, a dog named Angus, but the newly launched app even takes it a step further, donating $1 to pet-related charities for every paw pic that users upload on campaign days.

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If you are tired of having to look at pictures of humans on your social network and status updates are getting in the way of your pet picture perusing, this may be the perfect app for you. We are sure it is going to be totally pawsome!

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