PetSmart Has Free Customizable Sweater Sets for Owners and Pets that Are Perfect for the Holidays

PetSmart is offering free matching sweaters sets to pet parents and their furry friends that feature customizable embroidered portraits for a limited time starting Dec. 2


The ultimate holiday sweaters for pet owners are here.

PetSmart has created a unique take on the trend of matching pet and pet parent outfits just in time for the holiday season.

Starting at 12 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 2, animal lovers can visit to pick up matching sweater sets for themselves and their pets for free.

The PetSmart Pawliday Sweater set includes two red sweaters — one for a human and one for a pet — that can be customized with impressive embroidered portraits. The sweaters are meant to be personalized with embroidered images of pets and their owners. The pet sweater includes the portrait of their favorite human, while the human sweater includes a picture of a pet.

"We want to bring pet parents and their pets closer together — and you can't get much closer than donning one another's picture on your sweaters," Will Smith, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at PetSmart, said in a statement. "Our company and associates will truly do anything for pets, and we know pet parents feel the same. Dropping these custom, one-of-a-kind sweater sets is just one way that we're able to support our pet-obsessed community and brand purpose."

Matching Personalized Sweaters for you and pet
Courtesy PetSmart

A limited number of these fantastic, free creations are available at Once the sweater sets are claimed, the enticing offer will be over.

So if you have a holiday photoshoot, big family dinner, or important party that you plan to attend with your pet, make sure to visit to pick up a matching sweater set before they are gone.

Those lucky enough to claim this free goodie can expect to share a photo of themselves and their pet on the site. These will be used to create the embroidered portraits on the sweaters — a classic red cardigan for humans and a matching red sweater for pets. Both the human and pet sweaters come in a variety of sizes so that everyone can enjoy this early holiday gift.

To learn more about this offer and how to get your own free PetSmart Pawliday Sweater, visit

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