Petsitter Pads Keep Your To-Do List Organized

The Petsitter.Pad keeps the instructions for your pet sitter all in one place.

When we go out of town, my very efficient landlord/pet sitter writes a log of how my cat has behaved while we’ve been away. Monday, Mylo didn’t eat much. Tuesday, he was very chatty. It’s a bunch of chicken scratch to someone who doesn’t know our kitty but we love it because we feel less guilty about going away. I can’t wait to surprise my pet sitter with Buttoned Up’s new Petsitter.Pad ($5.00) the next time we go. It’s a pad of 75 sheets, which serves as a guide for instructions and a place for your petsitter to log the day’s events. It has sections for special instructions, like the kind of food your pet eats, how much you should feed him and his “loves and hates” – like ears and tummy scratching. It’s a cute way to keep all your instructions in one place. The same company offers a booklet that I like as well, called Pet.doc ($8.99), it’s a place to keep a record of your pet’s medical history and other important details.

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