"Hey, if the cat approves, that's all that matters, right?"

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igloo cat bed

As the temperatures start dropping, it’s important to make sure your pets are staying just was warm as you are — and what better way to do it than with an ultra cozy bed?

The Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo from Petmaker is Amazon’s number two best-selling cat bed, thanks to hundreds of shoppers who have left it raving reviews. The simple bed is shaped like a tent with a triangular opening, made with a soft, fleece-like exterior, and filled with padded foam. It comes in four colors (blue, orange, pink, and gray), and ranges in price from $9 to $13 depending on which you shade you purchase. Shoppers say that despite the bed’s simplicity and low cost, their pets fall in love with it instantly, claiming that even cats who only stick to cardboard boxes will venture into the “igloo.”

igloo cat bed

Buy It! Petmaker Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo, $8.95–$12.99; amazon.com

“Bought this for my goofy 13 pound cat who likes to hide in bags and boxes. However, he now has to share with my 12 pound girl cat who takes a nap in it every evening after dinner. It did take a few days for them to check it out. If you are looking to buy this, then you know how cats are,” one shopper wrote. “[The bed is] sturdy, easy to clean (little bit of laundry soap and hose it out at the garden spigot, set out to dry); pretty nutmeg color looks nice in my living room. No problems with transaction; nice product. Hey, if the cat approves, that’s all that matters, right?”

Customers note that the bed does arrive flat and will take a few hours to “puff up,” and that if yours comes with a plastic smell, don’t fret — that too will resolve itself soon. Even though the igloo appears small at first, reviewers say it fits most cats.

Another shopper wrote, “Thought I would take a chance on this for my 13 year old cat, Bunny, who is getting on in years, and lives with 2 younger cats that drive her crazy. When it arrived, I put it near a radiator in my kitchen — Bunny came over, sniffed it, got in, and has spent every day in it since. She weighs about 15 pounds, and usually sleeps with her head resting on the opening. I don’t know if it’s because she doesn’t fit, or she likes to keep an eye on things. But clearly she is comfortable and warm and feels safe. Cats are so unpredictable. I honestly had my doubts about this, but she has loved it from day one.”

For as little as $9, this pet bed that’ll keep your cat feeling safe and warm seems like a total steal.