A new tool promises to make clipping your dog’s nails a breeze. But does it?

By Carol Vinzant
Updated November 19, 2008 04:47 PM

When I first saw an ad for the Peticure, I wanted to get one. The tool promises to eliminate one of the most dreaded tasks in dog ownership: clipping the nails. But it doesn’t quite deliver on making clippers obsolete.

Nail clipping is nerve-wracking for both me and my dog, Jolly. If I clip too far, I’ll hit “the quick” – the fleshy part that will bleed and cause pain. It would be even worse if Jolly had black nails, which don’t let you see the quick. So, like many dog parents, I just wait till we go to the vet and have him do it.

There’s a definite need for a device like the Peticure. Instead of clipping the nail, it files it down. It works like a drill with a sanding bit. A plastic safe guard has different sized holes to insert and file your dog’s nails, without catching any fur.

Professional groomers may use a similar tool called a nail grinder, with popular models by Dremel or Oster.

Some pet owners leave online reviews saying they are completely satisfied with the Peticure Petite, Elite and Power ($29.99-$59.99). But when I tried it the sandpaper kept slipping off the bit. The bit itself was hard to align with the guard hole. Jolly is patient and tolerant, but I barely buffed his nails before he jerked his paw away. I’m back to waiting for the vet.