March 09, 2018 04:33 PM

No, this isn’t the next installment of the podcast Serial.

This is just the story of a popular lizard named Petey, who may or may not have committed murder.

Allegations against Petey (which have all been made in jest) first started when her owner Izzy posted a photo of the reptile to her Twitter @danisnobunk.

The shot shows a somewhat diabolical-looking Petey in front of a window that faces a street. The street is filled with emergency vehicles with their lights on.

“I think my lizard may have murdered someone,” Izzy captioned the post.

Since the bearded lizard, who often appears on Izzy’s feed, has become a bit of a celebrity, the internet was quick to weigh in on Petey’s guilt.

The Iowa State University Police even got in on the fun.

For now, Petey is considered innocent, allowing her to go about her normal activities, like long, luxurious baths.

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You’re not off the hook yet Petey, all 33,800 Izzy’s followers are watching you.


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