5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Calm During a Thunderstorm

Summer is over, but hurricane season, and its accompanying storms, is still in full swing until November

Although summer has wrapped, thunderstorms and inclement weather are still prevalent as hurricane season is in full swing until November. As pet owners, it’s important to be mindful that our animals aren’t aware of what’s actually happening outside. This is why many pets exhibit unusual and fearful behavior, such as hiding, panting or even running away when lightning strikes and thunder rumbles. To help calm your pet, Tracy Donnelly, pet expert at Pet Supplies Plus, has compiled a few tips and tricks to keep in mind for when your weather forecast shows the next big storm.

Keep Them Inside

There’s nothing like being in the comfort of your own home. Make sure your dog is comfortable in their bed or crate with their favorite toys so they feel secure and safe. If possible, try to stay home with your pet during severe weather conditions. Your presence alone will help ease them through the storm.

Try a Thundershirt. Gentle and constant pressure from a Thundershirt is an effective treatment for fear of thunder or other loud noises, such as construction at a nearby property. The weighted jackets provide comfort just as swaddling a baby in blankets would.

Calming Treats Do Exist

It’s safe to say most dogs are food-motivated, so treats are a great way to keep them distracted. Try calming treats designed to help relieve stress. These typically contain calming and natural extracts like lavender and chamomile. CBD products are also great for reducing pet anxiety and they support normal healthy brain activity and nerve function. Try a calming oil or soft chew with hemp.

Surround Sound

Try to create familiar noise in the house. Anything you can do to drown out the thunder will be helpful. Turn on the TV or play some music, even a fan or sound machine can help diffuse the sound and make it less startling for your pet.

Update Chips and Tags

Although this is the last thing you’d want to think about, loud sounds that spook your pet can send them running. Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure your pet is easily identifiable! Make sure your pet’s tags are up-to-date and they are microchipped. Even when at home, try to keep your pet’s collar on, especially during storms if your pet is easily spooked. In the end, you’ll be thankful you did and know your pet can be returned if found.

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