It's time to expand your pet's holiday wardrobe

By Kelli Bender
November 05, 2019 01:23 PM

Halloween is over, but pet dress-up sessions are here to stay.

In years past, pet owners who adore dressing up their pooches had to endure a bit of a dry spell between the costumes of Halloween and the sweaters and pajamas of the holiday season.

Now, PetSmart has found a solution that keeps your dog decked out in November too. The pet retailer recently introduced their new Thanksgiving collection.

The new line feature hilarious hats made to look like some of Thanksgiving’s most popular dishes: turkey and pie. For pets who aren’t fans of headwear, there are sweaters and bandanas with feast-centered phrases.

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All of the items are currently available at PetSmart’s website.

It is important to note, while it is fun to dress your pet like a Thanksgiving food, feeding your pets parts of the holiday meal can result is a emergency trip to the vet. According to PetSmart, it is safe to feed your pet turkey (no bones), pumpkin, sweet potato, green beans and carrots, but only if the food is plain and unseasoned — so make sure to make a special plate for your pet if you are planning to share the meal together.