40 Percent of Pet Parents Expect to Miss Dog More than Spouse or Kids at Work, Survey Finds

In honor of March 23rd's National Puppy Day, Wag! conducted a new survey to see how people are feeling about their pups and pooches

Dog Owners
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A new survey has revealed where pet owners rank their furry friends compared to the humans in their life.

To celebrate March 23rd's National Puppy Day, Wag! surveyed 1,001 dog owners, asking the pet parents questions about the pandemic, returning to work, caring for their canine, and more.

Of the survey participants planning to return to the office soon, 41 percent said they expect to miss their dog more than their kids or partner when they head back to work.

Many of the participants (62 percent) are new pet owners and adopted a dog within the last two years amid the coronavirus pandemic.

These new dogs and the pets that have been with families for years provide comfort to their humans. Wag!'s survey revealed that 93 percent of respondents view their dogs as mental health support, while 48 percent credit their canines for helping reduce their anxiety, and 37 percent were shocked to discover how much they love their puppy pal.

Pet separation anxiety is also a reality for many of the pet parent participants. Fifty-five percent of the survey takers said separation anxiety is their biggest concern about returning to the office, while 76 percent are generally worried about the pet care problems returning to in-person work will pose.

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Quality time with pets is a high priority for survey takers, with a majority of participants spending at least 3 hours a month walking, training, and playing with their pet one-on-one. Additionally, pet parents expressed an interest in traveling with their dogs more. Twenty-nine percent of survey participants said they would travel more often if it were easier to bring their dog.

Overall the survey revealed that pet parents love their pups, but first-time dog ownership can come with surprises. Those planning to get a dog soon should study up beforehand because 75 percent of survey participants said they wished they received more education concerning nutrition, food, dog training, and expenses before welcoming a dog into the family.

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