Pet Hero of the Week! Luka the Dog is Mom to Orphaned Kitties

Luka the dog has become surrogate mother to six kittens who lost their mother in the Australian bush fires.

They may have lost their mother in bushfires in Australia, but six five-week-old kittens have found comfort in cuddles from a big German shepherd named Luka. Though she has never had puppies of her own, Luka gladly stepped up as surrogate mom to the kittens, three who were rescued from the ashes in Yarrambat and three who were turned in to an animal hospital in North Warrandyte, according to the Herald Sun.

Tracey Jamieson, who has been helping out a nearby animal hospital with animals affected by the fires, is caring for the young kittens at her home with Luka’s help. “I am still bottle feeding the youngest ones with a special formula, but the older Yarrambat kittens are now weaned and are running around,” she said. “They are all gorgeous and in need of new homes, although Luka will be sad to see them go.”

The kittens, named Ben, Louise, Emma, Amelia, Hannah and Zak, are all up for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting one send an email to:

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