Pet Gear supertraX Free Standing Ramp
Credit: Amazon

Pet Owners Say This No-Slip Ramp Is a 'Life Changer' for Senior Animals — and It's Over 50% Off

Shoppers are also using it for dogs, cats, ferrets, and even goats
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Nothing is quite as heartbreaking as watching your senior or recently injured pet struggle to get around. Whether they're having difficulty climbing into your car, walking up the stairs, or hopping off the bed, a sturdy pet ramp can help with mobility — and Amazon shoppers swear the Supertrax Pet Ramp is "the best of on the market." It's also over half off.

The free-standing ramp is winning over pet parents because it's lightweight, compact, and transportable. Unlike other pet ramps, it doesn't need to rest against anything to function properly (read: it won't wobble on its own) and it can fold up into itself for easy portability. The "supertrax" design is perhaps its best feature, as it provides a supportive layer for animals to grip. In fact, the more pressure added to the ramp, the stronger the "pressure-activated gripping" becomes to give pets optimal traction. This tractive layer can also be removed for easy cleaning. Shoppers are calling it a "life changer" that they wish they'd found sooner.

Pet Gear supertraX Free Standing Ramp
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Supertrax Pet Ramp, $53.86 with coupon (orig. 136.49),

If you're a parent to a larger pet, this ramp is still a safe and effective option. Not only can it hold animals up to 200 pounds, but it also has raised side edges so your furry friend won't risk slipping off the sides. Reviewers say it's a wonderful option for large breed dogs, but also bigger animals like goats. 

Many reviewers also note how much the ramp has helped their animal's mood — not just their mobility. "This product solved a serious problem," writes one customer. "We have a high bed and our little dog injured a shoulder jumping off of it. He loves to run up and down the ramp. He even throws his toys down from the top just to watch them roll down the ramp!"

Pet owners, who previously found it challenging for their dogs to exercise, are saying how this ramp is helping their overall health for the better. "My eldest dog, a diabetic, had gotten so fat because his hips are bad and he could hardly walk and get exercise," says another reviewer. "After getting this ramp, he began slowly going up and down it, and has now lost lots of weight and is much faster going up and down than when we first set it up. He is healthier, as well!"

If you're looking for a safe, effective, and affordable pet ramp that Amazon shoppers think is "worth every penny," look no further than the Supertrax Pet Ramp.

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