Pet Dogs Must Be in a Carrier to Ride the N.Y.C. Subway, So Big Dog Owners Are Getting Creative

To ride the N.Y.C. Subway with your dog, your pup needs to fit in a carrier. To this big dog owners say: Challenge accepted.

Midsection Of Owner Carrying Dog
Photo: Getty

The New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority is dog-friendly — to a point.

Leashed service and emotional support animals are allowed to ride with their owners with no other restrictions, but all other pet dogs wanting to ride the rails need to be brought on in a carrier.

For pup parents with smaller dogs, this is a cinch. There are plenty of portable purses and bags that are perfectly sized for small to medium dogs, but for the bigger pups it starts to get tricky.

While some large dog owners may have abandoned the idea of their pet legally riding the subway, others have gotten creative.

Since there is no limit on how big the carrier can be — just the MTA suggestion that your dog should not be a nuisance to other passengers — big dog lovers are grabbing their largest bags and making it work, and the results are ridiculous and impressive.

Big dog owners are channeling their deep love for their pets into architectural ingenuity, creating amusing interpretations on the definition of “carrier.”

And fellow straphangers are definitely taking notice, often applauding their inventiveness.

Dog lovers of New York, we salute you! Never stop dreaming up new ways to share your dog’s adorableness with the world.

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