BlogPaws 2010 kicks off with writers, trainers, podcasters and more in Columbus, Ohio

By People Staff
Updated April 14, 2010 07:00 PM

Downtown Columbus might have seemed quiet last weekend – government offices were closed, people were elsewhere enjoying the sunshine –but there was a loud menagerie of voices networking and sharing ideas at BlogPaws 2010, the first-ever conference of pet bloggers.

Hosted by Caroline Golon (@RomeotheCat) and Yvonne DaVita (@mypetblog), BlogPaws brought together hundreds of members of the pet community, including writers (like!), trainers, photographers, podcasters and artists –not to mention pets. A Cornish Rex cat came via car all the way from Washington, D.C., and took in the scene from the safety of a stroller. A Havanese named Cosmo barked his way through a panel discussion about search engine optimization.

Joining the likes of dog trainer Andrea Arden and petiquette expert Charlotte Reed, was headliner Lynn Haigh (@frugaldougal) of #pawpawty fame. Haigh, who traveled from the U.K., landed first in Georgia (she didn’t know there was more than one Columbus) and lost her luggage before ending up in Ohio.

Once there, Haigh led one of the weekend’s most popular presentations, called “Be the Change You Want to See,” where a video of the work that regular people had done to affect animal causes brought the audience to tears.

For those who couldn’t make the two-day event, there are lots of recaps from attendees and hundreds of Tweets marked #blogpaws that give a peek into the conference. And for those already anticipating next year’s event, planning for BlogPaws 2011 is already under way!

Do you blog about animals? Did you attend the conference? Tells us about it in the comments below!