PEOPLE's Guide Pup at Large, Murphy, Visits Office for Very Important (and Adorable) Meeting

Murphy visited PEOPLE to meet his coworkers and cuddle with all of them

Photo: Kelli Bender

Just a day shy of 8 weeks old, Murphy was put to work at the PEOPLE offices.

The yellow Labrador retriever puppy, who we have been following through his guide dog training at Guiding Eyes for the Blind, had an important business meeting where his presence was desperately needed.

Wearing an adorable wrinkly face instead of a suit, Murphy, accompanied by his sister Morgan, arrived at the PEOPLE building where he was immediately stopped by an adoring fan, Kristin Cavallari.

After penciling in a brief cuddle session with the reality star, the puppy went upstairs to get down to business.

Courtesy of Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Turns out that business was more of the same. Instead of paper work, quarterly predictions and content management, Murphy’s important meeting consisted of oodles of cuddles and cooing, and little else.

Kelli Bender

Ecstatic to meet the company’s furriest hire, almost all of the PEOPLE staff turned up to give Murphy a hug and shake his paw.

While Murphy’s presence was an obvious treat to his PEOPLE colleagues, the experience was also beneficial to the puppy and his training. It is important that guide dogs are comfortable in new situations with new faces, sensations and smells. These working canines also need to be okay with being touched all over their bodies. Two solid hours of hugs and photos from dozens of new friends at a strange, big office building helped Murphy become more acclimated to the constantly changing world his future owner will take him through.

Kelli Bender

After a long day of good work, Murph, ever the celebrity magnet, still managed to fit a surprise appearance for Guy Fieri into his busy schedule.

Courtesy of Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Now that PEOPLE’s first phase of puppy cuddling is done, Murphy will be moving on from the Guiding Eyes campus to his puppy raiser family. At his new home, Murph will continue to be exposed to exciting experiences, all the while working on the more formal aspects of his training.

Courtesy of Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Stay tuned to see what adventures Murphy discovers with his new family!

If you are interested in supporting Murphy’s training and/or becoming a puppy raiser yourself, visit for more information.

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