PEOPLE's Guide Pup at Large, Murphy, Goes on His First Business Trip and Aces It

Murphy is spreading the love, taking his talents and sweetness to a slumber party at a local family's house

Photo: Michelle Meunier for Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Murphy is one busy pup!

The last time we caught up with the 6-week-old Labrador retriever, who is training to be a guide dog with Guiding Eyes for the Blind, he was ruling the play area and learning how to drive (sort of).

Already a jack of all puppy trades, Murphy put the skills he has learned to the test during his first field trip outside the Guiding Eyes Canine Development Center.

Bravely leaving mom, most of his siblings and the familiarity of home behind, Murphy and his sister Marie went on a socialization slumber party. The puppies were dropped off for an overnight stay at the house of a lucky local family. Excursions like this allow the canine trainees to get comfortable with sights, sounds and sensations they won’t find back at school — an important skill for future guide dogs who will be taken everywhere by their owners.

Michelle Meunier for Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Murphy blew his caretakers away! It turns out our boy, who already has a reputation for being confident and cute as heck, is a bit of a show-off too.

“Murphy was not here long before several of my daughter’s friends showed up and he loved all the attention that came with them. He has a wonderful temperament and is very social,” the family who cared for Murphy shared with PEOPLE. “He is a curious, active and determined pup who learned to conquer two steps up and down while he was here and once he did, he kept returning to those stairs to show everyone what he had learned.”

Michelle Meunier for Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Along with acing his first business trip, Murphy spent the past week working on his crate training, avoiding distractions and enjoying his first one-on-one sessions with a Guiding Eyes trainer.

Michelle Meunier for Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Next up for our fluffy superstar is a trip to the PEOPLE offices, so stay tuned to see how this little dog handles the Big Apple.

To learn even more about dogs like Murphy and how you can support their training, visit the Guiding Eyes website.

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