Guiding Eyes for Blind
March 21, 2017 09:08 AM

Practice makes perfect, and Murphy has been practicing 24/7.

The guide dog trainee, who is currently living with his puppy raisers, went to the Guiding Eyes for the Blind campus in Patterson, New York, for his first “Walk and Talk.” Much like in The West Wing, these meetings require the participants to multitask.

Instead of discussing politics, the PEOPLE Guide Dog at Large went over the skills he is learning at his puppy raiser home and through his training at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Guiding Eyes for Blind

Since he has already traveled to the Big Apple, hob-knobbed with PEOPLE employees and made plenty of new friends, Murphy was able to approach this evaluation at the Canine Development Center with confidence and class.

Guiding Eyes for Blind

During the important milestone, Murphy showed the Guiding Eyes staff how he can wait for traffic, ignore distractions, use a leash, hold a sit, greet people politely, handle a flight of stairs and much more. (And you thought college was hard!)

Guiding Eyes for Blind

Even with all of this to remember, Murphy handled the Walk and Talk like a pro, showing no signs of stage fright.

Guiding Eyes for Blind

Like countless others who came before them, the Guiding Eyes team was impressed with Murphy’s progress, giving him two paws way up and offering this evaluation:

Murphy is doing great! His confidence with different types of stairs, underfootings, statues and around different types of noise is great. He is gaining a lot of confidence from all of the socialization that [puppy raisers] Maddy and John are doing with him. He is learning all his skills quickly and building on his duration of how long he can hold the position. Maddy and John are doing a great job with Murphy. They are providing clear communication to Murphy about what their expectations are from him. This is helping Murphy learn and grow into a confident puppy which will help him be a confident guide dog one day.”

Guiding Eyes for Blind

It’s hard to believe this handsome, furry man could get anymore confident, but we’re excited to see it happen.

To learn more about Murphy, his training and the work of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, visit


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