How to Prepare for a Puppy Before Your New Pet Arrives

Get your home, other pets and family ready for your new, teething, sweet, energetic baby dog

Planning to take the puppy plunge? Congrats!

Before you bring your baby dog home you need to be prepared. Think of a puppy as a toddler with fur; precautions are necessary to keep them safe and happy.

Luckily we have puppy pro PEOPLE Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin who knows all about what little canines need. Dr. Antin has narrowed down his puppy knowledge to four key points pet parents need to know before bringing home a puppy. Two of them have to do with teeth.

Puppies love to chew! So it’s important to remove or hide anything from your home you don’t want gnawed on, especially if these objects could harm your puppy if ingested.

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In place of these tempting, chewable things, have a stock of teething toys ready for your pup. These toys will help puppies from becoming destructive and will help them burn all that extra energy they are carrying around.

Watch the video above for even more expert puppy tips from the PEOPLE Pet Vet.

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