For the next 12 months, Maddy Crabtree and John Swertfager will help Guiding Eyes raise and train Murphy the puppy

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 21, 2017 01:09 PM
Credit: Courtesy of Maddy Crabtree and John Swertfager

After easily charming his PEOPLE coworkers, Murphy is taking his cuteness on the road.

The Guiding Eyes guide dog student is now onto the next stage of his training, leaving his bed at the Guiding Eyes campus to live with his puppy raiser family.

Maddy Crabtree and John Swertfager are the lucky humans who have been chosen to care for Murphy for the next 12 to 14 months. This important and adorable work includes making sure Murphy isn’t tardy to his puppy training classes at Guiding Eyes and that he continues to be introduced to new and exciting experiences.

Credit: Courtesy of Maddy Crabtree and John Swertfager

Seasoned dogs lovers, Crabtree and Swertfager are already the proud pup parents to Chunk, a puppy they rescued eight months ago and trained themselves. The couple also helps abused animals through the Team Amy Foundation, a foundation Crabtree and her family started after her mother, Amy, passed away.

Growing into quite the furry gentleman himself, Chunk is also a great influence for little Murph. After two weeks, the pup pair have become buds and love to spend days at the park together.

Credit: Courtesy of Maddy Crabtree and John Swertfager

Through puppy training classes, Crabtree and Swertfager are helping Murphy learn important commands like “sit” and “let’s go,” along with name recognition. All of these skills will help Murphy’s future owner, who will depend on our little Lab to enjoy life to the fullest. Murphy is picking up all of these new lessons quickly, especially when there are treats involved. To make sure he masters these commands and doesn’t get distracted, Murphy will be tested by his puppy raisers in various locations outside of the Guiding Eyes campus.

Credit: Courtesy of Maddy Crabtree and John Swertfager

Aside from all of this learning, Murphy is having plenty of fun! He recently visited Crabtree’s family restaurant, where he put the business skills he picked up at the PEOPLE office to the test at a manager’s meeting. This translated into looking cute, behaving like an angel and taking naps. Talk about working like a dog!

Credit: Courtesy of Maddy Crabtree and John Swertfager

Up next for Murphy is learning even more commands and experiencing new environments, which means plenty of precious puppy photos to come!

If you are interested in supporting Murphy’s training and/or becoming a puppy raiser yourself, visit for more information.