April 20, 2016 06:14 PM

Many think of their cats as children, so it’s no surprise felines are getting baby names. 

Pet sitting site Rover.com recently released the top cat names of 2015 based on its survey. Out of the ten top female and male kitty names, half of the picks also topped the 2015 Top 50 Baby Names list. Overall, 52% of feline parents gave their fur baby a human name, which is a 22% rise from 2014. 

Along with finding inspiration in what people are naming their human children, cat owners also seem to be finding gold in pop culture, foodie trends and other popular animals. This means a good number of felines are pawing around with monikers like Bieber, Kahleesi, Yoda, Olive, Monkey and Tiger. There’s even at least one meower named Tyrion Cattister. 

Take a look at the most popular pussycat names below — an asterisk (*) denotes that the name is also a Top 50 Baby Name — then go see other great picks at Rover.com

Top Male Cat Names

1. Oliver *

2. Leo

3. Charlie *

4. Milo

5. Max *

6. Jack *

7. George 

8. Simon

9. Loki 

10. Simba


Top Female Cat Names

1. Luna

2. Chloe *

3. Bella *

4. Lucy *

5. Lily *

6. Sophie * 

7. Lola 

8. Zoe *

9. Celo 

10. Nala

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