The pooch was rushed to a veterinarian clinic on Thursday but was later pronounced dead

By Amy Jamieson
July 13, 2016 04:14 PM
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Facebook is filled with messages for Totti, a police dog who, as one person puts it, “did not deserve this.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and beyond are mourning the 2-year-old drug detection dog, who died after being left unattended in a trainer’s hot car for about two hours last Thursday.

According to a Facebook post shared by the department, when the dog’s trainer realized the situation, he and other members of the unit’s staff worked to cool Totti by hosing him down with water and by carefully placing ice on the canine.

“He was taken to a veterinarian clinic and was conscious at that time,” the post continued. “Unfortunately he passed away that same evening.”

The statement said the DOC is “extremely saddened by this tragic event” and that the agency is conducting a full investigation into the yellow Labrador’s death — which angered many on Facebook.

“A dog asks for nothing but food, attention and water,” one person commented, “and to hear that a K-9 was left in a vehicle for over 2 hours makes me furious.”