Penn. Firefighters Rush to Rescue Pet Stuck on a Roof Only to Find a Happy Dog Who Likes Heights

A rescue call about a dog in danger turned out to be a false alarm when firefighters discovered a pet perched on a high roof who chose the precarious position on purpose

Dog standing on a roof on Laurel Street, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Photo: SWNS

Firefighters were called to a residence in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, on March 14 to help a dog stuck on a roof — before being told the canine was not in danger and that the canine goes roof-walking "all the time."

The false alarm started when a passerby spotted the large pooch on the top of an apartment building. Worried that the canine was a stray dog in trouble, the passerby dialed 911 and asked for rescuers to come and check on the pet.

Local firefighters responded to the call, and when the first responders arrived, they found a white and black pup calmly standing on the apartment building's roof with a third-floor balcony door open behind them. Rescuers deduced that the dog had used the balcony door to gain access to the roof, but the firefighters weren't sure then if the pup meant to go up on the roof or not.

After speaking to a resident of the apartment building the dog was standing on, firefighters learned this was not an isolated incident. According to SWNS, the neighbor told the authorities that the dog lives in the building and regularly walks onto the roof to sunbathe.

"We were called to an apartment block on Laurel Street to rescue a dog who was stranded on the roof," a spokesperson from Hazelton Fire Department told SWNS about the incident. "When we arrived, it became clear the dog did not need rescuing, and we were told that he 'does it all the time.' "

"We were unable to make contact with the dog's owner, but the dog came down and went into the apartment while we were at the scene," the fire department added.

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