January 18, 2018 02:09 PM

Don’t call him a stowaway! Adventurous, fearless, brazen, curious — sure. But the Adelie penguin who hopped from out of nowhere (OK, from out of the freezing water … to be exact!) was a welcome visitor aboard the Australian Antarctic Division’s small research boat.

Matthew McKay, the team member who captured the footage on Jan. 17, was clearly delighted by his adorable, surprise penguin passenger.

“When a #penguin drops in to check on your work,” reads the tweet posted by the crew. Just another day at the office, indeed.

Perhaps the personable penguin overheard that McKay is a communications specialist and had a message for the expeditioners? Or maybe he just needed a quick respite from the icy waters. We’d like to think the flightless bird was reminding the world that Penguin Awareness Day falls on Saturday, Jan. 20 this year.

According to News.Com.Au, McKay said there were a few attempts by penguins to hop aboard, and this little guy was one of about a half dozen who landed their leaps.

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“They were just swimming around us and checking us out. They were extremely playful. This was the one I actually caught on camera,” said McKay. “We are right in the middle of a large breeding colony, so we see a lot of these little guys. It was a fabulous day. It’s an absolute joy to be down here to be honest.”

OK, now we’re officially jealous — of his penguin encounters, not the cold conditions.

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