August 05, 2014 12:20 PM

If only this were narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Mitch and Casey’s relationship has always had a penguin theme running through it. (He once surprised her with two full-length penguin costumes for a Halloween party.)

So, when Mitch went to propose to Casey, he wanted to use a penguin as a prop, and even considered buying one.

Wisely, he instead decided to work with the Pittsburgh Zoo, which helped set up an elaborate ruse – Casey was told that the pair won a behind-the-scenes penguin encounter.

Paul Saunders’s wedding photography company, Sho Films, acted as extras for the scene to allow for an added level of verisimilitude.

Mitch and Casey make it through a visit with an emperor penguin, but when Mickey the penguin waddles out, wearing a bow with a ring on it, Casey puts it all together.

Whether Mickey will continue his ring-bearing duties during the pair’s wedding has yet to be confirmed.

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