"With this program, potential adopters who buy two bags of PEDIGREE dog food can get their adoption fees covered until October 31 of this year," shared Melodie Bolin of Mars Petcare

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Shelters across the country have seen a rise in pet adoptions and fostering throughout the pandemic, and the PEDIGREE® brand is doing its part to keep the number of rescue dogs finding homes on the rise.

The dog food company recently launched their One True Loyalty Program, a creative initiative designed to make it easier for shelters pups to find forever homes. 

"The PEDIGREE® brand’s One True Loyalty Program is a fun twist on your typical loyalty program. Instead of spending months building up to a reward, like a free sandwich, the One True Loyalty Program offers the most genuine form of loyalty – a new dog," Melodie Bolin, Marketing Director at Mars Petcare, told PEOPLE. "With this program, potential adopters who buy two bags of PEDIGREE® dog food can get their adoption fees covered until October 31 of this year."

She added: "The One True Loyalty Program flips the script on your typical loyalty program and makes the unconditional love of a dog the reward of our program, while also helping to make pet adoption accessible to more people."

The program was inspired by "the widely accepted idea that dogs are our most loyal companions" and is meant to highlight the years of positivity and devotion adopting a dog adds to your life, as well as contribute to Mars Petcare's mission to end pet homelessness. 

Bolin knows quite a bit about the value and joy the addition of a dog can bring since she is the proud mom of Allister the 8-year-old miniature Schnauzer.

"He’s my best friend and goes everywhere with me. Allister has always appreciated that I work for Mars Petcare because he’s been able to come to work with me – he’s a social butterfly He loves meeting new people and brings so much joy to everyone who interacts with him," Bolin said, adding that "life with Allister is more relaxing – no matter what’s going on or how stressful my day is, he’s always happy and ready to cheer me up."

Based on her experience as a dog owner, Bolin hopes potential pet parents take the opportunity presented by the One True Loyalty Program and "open their homes to shelter dogs in need" so they can enjoy the unmatched loyalty of a canine. The program is also focused on bringing happiness to dogs too.

Credit: Pedigree

"Every dog deserves a loving home, but according to our brand’s charitable organization, PEDIGREE® Foundation, nearly 3.5 million dogs end up in shelters or rescues every year, and unfortunately, almost half of them will never get adopted," Bolin shared. "Doing our part to help make even the smallest dent in those statistics is the most important thing we can do, and the One True Loyalty Program is just the latest way we’re hoping to make that happen."

Now is a great time to adopt a dog since they can provide the extra companionship and connection some people are looking for during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

"Shelters around the country have seen an increase in adoptions, because people know that there’s no greater companion than a dog," Bolin said. "Research even shows that pets make people feel less lonely and can increase quality of life. Adopting now will not only give a loving home to a pet in need, it can also be a positive and life-changing experience for the adopter, especially in these difficult times."

To learn more about participating in the PEDIGREE® brand’s One True Loyalty Program, which runs through Oct. 31, visit the program's website — and to read amazing adoption stories and learn more about what a shelter dog can add to your life, visit PEOPLE's World's Cutest Rescue Dog Contest Presented by the PEDIGREE® brand.