Paws on a Pendant? Too Cute!

Paw print jewelry leaves a lasting impression

All pet owners want to keep a little piece of their furry friend with them, but the question is, how? With LovePrint jewelry, your pet will always be close to your heart. A paw print cast in solid brass and then gold plated, the LovePrint Paws pendant ($75) is an actual replica of your pet’s little (or big!) foot. Owner Camille Cesari started the line after experimenting with jeweler’s wax, creating a pendant from her Shih Tzu’s tiny paws (pictured).

Using an at-home wax molding kit, pet owners take a few impressions of their animal’s paw, and then send them in to LovePrint be turned into jewelry. (You can make your pendant larger or smaller based on the amount of wax you use.) After four to five weeks, your pendant is returned, complete with a jump ring to attach to your pet’s collar, if you choose. The prints can be linked on to necklaces, bracelets and more, and serve as a sweet keepsake of your dog or cat’s love.

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