"I can’t turn my back on her and would be forever grateful for the help to get her home," Sergeant Char said

By Georgia Slater
January 29, 2021 04:48 PM
Paws of War
Credit: Paws of War

An American soldier is raising money to help bring home a puppy she rescued while stationed overseas.

According to Paws of War — a non-profit helping her collect donations to bring the dog home  — Sergeant Char's puppy, who she named PupPup, was born to a stray dog who would often hang around her army base.

After the dog gave birth, the soldiers at the base moved the dog and the puppies to a safer place where the litter could be cared for.

While all of the puppies were quick to warm up to the soldiers, Sergeant Char said she instantly was drawn to PupPup as she was more nervous than the other puppies.

Sergeant Char focused her attention on PupPup and ensured that she was being fed and loved. The pair formed such a close bond that the soldier ended up rescuing the puppy and claiming the canine as her own.

Now that Sergeant Char is soon heading back to the United States, the soldier said she "can't stand the thought of leaving [PupPup] behind."

Paws of War
Credit: Paws of War
Paws of War
Credit: Paws of War

"I'm desperately asking Paws of War to help me bring my beautiful helpless PupPup back to America with me," she told the organization.

According to Paws of War, Sergeant Char is still the only person PupPup will go near.

The soldier said she is nervous to leave PupPup behind as the area she was stationed in is a dangerous environment for stray animals.

"This spot can be very harsh to dogs and I fear she will die if she is left behind. Plus, we have formed such a strong bond that means everything to me," she shared. "I can't turn my back on her and would be forever grateful for the help to get her home."

Along with helping soldiers bring animals back to the U.S., Paws of War is also dedicated to rescuing and training dogs to pair with veterans who need therapy animals.

Last year, the non-profit similarly helped U.S. soldier Sergeant Etter bring back two rescued kittens from the Middle East.

To help bring PupPup to America, you can donate at this link.