This Is the ‘Best Grooming Tool You’ll Ever Have’ for Shedding Cats and Dogs, According to Amazon Shoppers 

And it’s just $20 on Amazon
By Maya Gandara
November 07, 2020 11:00 AM
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Owning a furry companion is a joyous experience in so many ways, but dealing with endless amounts of shedded hair in your home isn’t one of them. Since frequent trips to the groomer can get expensive, it might be worth your while to take matters into your own hands. And one affordable grooming tool has garnered nearly 10,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers who have declared it a “must-have for pet owners.”

The Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool has a dual-sided head with slightly sharpened metal teeth; one side is for tougher jobs like untangling matted clumps of hair, and the other for thinning out thick, shedding coats. While the teeth are sharp enough to handle the unruliest knots on your pet, the no-scratch rounded edge won’t ever prick them during grooming sessions. In fact, the head gently massages their skin to promote a healthier and shinier coat over time. What’s more, the soft rubber grip handle won’t slip out of your hands and makes the tool easy to maneuver.

Amazon reviewers say the grooming tool works wonders on long-haired cats and dogs with super fluffy coats and that they’ve noticed a difference in the amount of hair clinging to carpets and furniture around the house. One shopper even called it “ the best grooming tool you’ll ever have.”

Credit: Amazon

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“This works! We have a long hair black cat whose hair tangles and knots up,” wrote a reviewer. “He also has horrible anxiety problems, so taking him to a groomer was out of the question. I was able to comb all through his hair — he even purred and rolled over. I think he is incredibly grateful to have the knots gone.”

“We have a long haired cat that has always been terrible at cleaning herself,” said another. “She mats terribly, especially near her backside and under her arms. This brush is a lifesaver. We got to the point where we were about to call the vet to shave her when we found this brush. With some patience, some sharp scissors for the extra big mats (just to get them started), and this brush, we were able to avoid that altogether!”

Join the thousands of fans who swear by this handy grooming tool by snagging one for just $20 on Amazon