Chris Lilley recently visited Paris Hilton as his pet psychic character from the Netflix show Lunatics

By Kelli Bender
July 09, 2019 12:00 PM
Luke Fontana

Animal lover Paris Hilton has gone beyond the veil to make sure her dogs are happy and properly spoiled.

Hilton, 38, recently invited over Australian comedian Chris Lilley to her Los Angeles home to look inside her pups’ psyches.

The Summer Heights High actor didn’t arrive at Hilton’s house as himself, instead he arrived as Jana Melhoopen-Jonks — a South African pet psychic to the stars and a character from Lilley’s Netflix show Lunatics

Luke Fontana

Melhoopen-Jonks’ massive hair looks like it could hold a lot of secrets, including the innermost thoughts of Hilton’s pooch pack.

Luke Fontana

While the specifics of what Melhoopen-Jonks uncovered while reading the minds Hilton’s celebrity pets has not been revealed, we do know that Jana also used the time to search for her beloved, childhood aardvark, Natasha.

Pet parents who want to know more about Jana Melhoopen-Jonks and her psychic abilities can watch Lunatics on Netflix, all 10 episodes of the mockumentary series are available now.