Heiress names the “sweet” kitty Princess Annabelle

By People Staff
Updated July 31, 2009 02:40 PM

She may have a small army of six pups – Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuku, Dolce and Prada – but Paris Hilton has plenty more room in her pup mansion (and heart!) for more pets! The Paris Hilton’s My New BFF star tells PEOPLE Pets that she added a kitten to her brood this week. “There are so many animals in need of homes. If you want a new pet, I recommend you adopt like I did,” she says. “I named her Princess Annabelle, she’s so sweet.”

Even though the kitty is outnumbered in her new home, it seems that Her Royal Highness Annabelle is getting along just fine with her new canine brothers and sisters. “She loves her new home and the puppies love the new addition to the family,” says Hilton. Yesterday on Twitter, the heiress urged people to contact the Laurel Pet Hospital in Santa Monica where she adopted her cat, writing, “There’s other kittens there that are in need of homes.”

Don’t we know it! Check out some of our own adoptable favorites in need of families, including Buzz and Bucky, and pup Sophia.

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