Mowgli makes sure his mom, gold medalist Allysa Seely, doesn't slack off during any part of her paratriathlon training
Credit: Allysa Seely

Mowgli is one athletic boy!

Two-time world champion and gold medalist paralympian in the paratriathlon, Allysa Seely, is not the only one who trains hard for her triathlons. The athlete has the best workout buddy by her side: 3-year-old golden retriever Mowgli. When Seely first got Mowgli, she decided to take him on her runs in hopes of draining some of his boundless energy.

“Instead of getting tired, he got in shape and could go for longer and longer. After a few months of [this], I just decided he would start coming on all the workouts because he enjoyed it so much,” Seely tells PEOPLE.

The pair, who lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, now go on runs and do workouts together every day at the Olympic training center. Mowgli is so attuned to their workout schedule he even recognizes the beep sounds on Seely’s watch that mean speed up or slow down when running.

Credit: Allysa Seely

When swimming, Mowgli is on the sidelines cheering Seely on, or hopping in the water with her if they are practicing at the lake. Mowgli also likes to watch over his workout partner when she is biking indoors. “He watches and makes sure nobody is slacking off. He walks around the room like he is in charge,” Seely jokes.

Credit: Allysa Seely

He also participates in other aspects of her training. Seely says, “He has been known to jump in on the box jumps, and on some of the pushups he likes to add his paws for a little extra resistance for me.”

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When not training, Mowgli is the life of the party. “He likes to greet everybody and make sure they know he is there just in case they want to pet him,” Seely says about Mowgli’s personality. “He has never met a person or animal that he doesn’t think is his friend.”

Mowgli will not be able to accompany Seely when she participates in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo, but he will certainly be watching her race.

“He will be part of the party when we get home,” Seely says.