Pandas Re-enact 'The Lion King' 's Most Dramatic Scene

Even pandas get pushy from time to time

You thought pandas were sweet, innocent, altruistic sweeties, right? Well, these black-and-white bears have a dark side.

In this video, one panda decides it is time to re-enact the dramatic death scene from Disney classic The Lion King. Playing the role of Scar, the panda higher up in the exhibit pounces on his counterpart, whispers something menacing in his ear (probably “Long live the king!”) and then sends him tumbling down the ditch.

Luckil for the Mufasa panda in this scenario, it’s a small ditch, not a gaping chasm in the Savanna. Both the bears eventually shake off the encounter and move on.

This is a good reminder that the circle of life rules us all, but it doesn’t give us permission to be jerks.

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