The actress helps transport abandoned dogs from Louisiana to Virginia


Pamela Anderson had some major business to tend to in L.A. Sunday night: Roasting old pal David Hasselhoff for an upcoming Comedy Central special. But the blonde bombshell wasn’t present at the after-party – instead, she was hopping a red-eye flight to New Orleans, where she helped prepare shelter dogs for relocation in the hopes of finding them forever families.

“We’re going to go take them to Virginia and put them in good homes,” Anderson told before the Hasselhoff special Sunday night. “There are hundreds and hundreds of animals at these [Gulf-area] shelters that people have surrendered because of not being able to look after them, sadly. They’re just overwhelmed.”

According to PETA, who organized the move, Anderson personally paid for all the dogs’ local adoption fees, as well as spay and neuter surgeries and flea treatments. “I just thought it was something practical that I could do,” she told “This is something hands-on. I can actually go to the shelter, make sure they’re okay and transport them somewhere and adopt them out.”

On Monday, Anderson and a group of PETA volunteers walked the dogs and prepared them for their RV trip to Virginia. And even though the actress promised sons Brandon and Dylan she wouldn’t adopt any new pups, according to PETA, she took home two: Gina Lollobrigida and Bardot.

Once at PETA headquarters in Virginia, the 50 adult dogs and puppies will be made available to area residents through an adopt-a-thon at the Virginia Beach SPCA. “Everyone’s fighting over them,” Anderson said. “Everyone in Malibu wants them, too!”

Animal lover Anderson, 43, is an honorary director of PETA. For more information about PETA’s SNIP (Spay and Neuter Immediately, Please!) program, which funds such services for low-income families around the country, click here.