March 08, 2017 02:48 PM

Looks like Rambo has some competition for best-dressed gator.

Angela Lance, a Pennsylvania-based photographer is getting some attention on the web for her pet gator, Lilly (full name: LillyGator), who Lance frequently showcases on her Instagram dressed in a variety of stylish outfits and also displaying some fierce manicures.

Lance seemingly purchased Lilly from (she left a review on the site under her name, mentioning Lilly) as a hatchling at just two and a half days old.

“I would have to say she is pretty close to being the most pampered gator in the world,” Lance told Barcroft Media. “She is definitely spoiled.”

Lilly’s pampering goes to a good cause; the postcards and assorted merchandise she poses for fund various alligator rescue facilities.

Lance’s loved ones have no problem with Lilly. “There are times when I know my father is at dinner with colleagues and I’ll get texts, saying ‘Send me some pictures of my grand-gator.’ He loves showing her off in the little outfits,” she explained.

“I do have a boyfriend and he probably thinks I’m a little bit nuts for doing it but he totally understands. He doesn’t want to hold her but he does respect that I have her.”

Lance walks Lilly outside and intends to keep the animal as she grows, but is passionate about educating people on the realities of owning an animal like Lilly.

“I am definitely very passionate about the fact that people shouldn’t buy them without the understanding and realization of the amount of work and money and time they take. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a serious investment.”

It’s legal to own gators in Pennsylvania, which means Lilly and Lance will be together for a long time. Gwendolyn, down in Florida, may start asking for some more pampering treatments from her owner if word of Lilly’s lavish lifestyle spreads.

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