Queensland Police said that the owners insisted that their rabbit, living in a cage inside a caravan, was a guinea pig

By Maria Yagoda
Updated March 15, 2016 07:46 PM

Rabbits may look very different from guinea pigs, but that didn’t stop two owners from trying to convince police officers that their long-eared, long-limbed rabbit was one.

The Queensland police found the rabbit living in a cage inside a caravan in Springwood, an Australian town south of Brisbane, which is illegal because Queensland declared rabbits as pests, reports ABC News.

RSPCA Queensland employee Michael Beatty said that it’s fairly uncommon to find people with rabbits for pets, as Queensland has a slew of harsh anti-rabbit laws. (You could be fined $44,000 for owning a rabbit without proper authorization.)

“We probably deal with about one case every two years … so it’s very rare,” Beatty said. “You don’t see it a lot, it’s fairly well publicized that rabbits aren’t allowed in Queensland.”

The confiscated rabbit, who we’re 99% sure is not a guinea pig, will begin a new life at a rabbit rescue sanctuary in Grafton, New South Wales.