Owner Shares Dying Dog's Final Day Full of Hamburgers, Hugs and Tears on Snapchat

"If I have to make that choice, then let's make the last day the best one yet," the owner wrote.

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Photo: Irantzu Arbaizagoitia Photography

It’s the worst day for any pet owner, saying goodbye to the loyal animal who has filled your life with happiness and love, but one dog mom was determined to make it the best day of her pup’s life.

In a series of photos posted to Snapchat, and later to Imgur, a dedicated dog owner showed how she chose to treat her pup before taking her to the vet to say goodbye.

“I don’t know if she knows or not. She trusts me to make a choice. No matter how hard it might be,” the woman wrote over snaps of her senior dog riding in the car beside her.

She added, “But if I have to make that choice, then let’s make the last day the best one yet.”

Over the next 19 photos, viewers see the graying pooch, sporting an “I am beautiful” bandana being treated to an aromatherapy bath, a McDonald’s meal, a manicure, playtime with her best pup friends and hugs from all the people in her life who love her.

It’s the final two shots that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the loss of pet. The second to last photo shows the owner together on one last car trip, with the canine riding in the woman’s lap on the way to the vet.

The last shot is of the owner and dog sharing one last hug on the floor of the vet’s office as the canine’s life slips away.

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