"Nobody knows how it is alive. He had lost a few feathers, but he was pretty alert," Conservancy of Southwest Florida volunteer Tim Thompson said
Owl Recovering After Traveling Hundreds of Miles Trapped in a Truck's Grille
Credit: Conservancy of Southwest Florida/ faceboook

One wild owl recently took a trip to remember!

Last month, a man relocating from Alabama to Florida unknowingly traveled hundreds of miles with a great horned owl stuck inside his truck's grille, according to a social media post from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.

The bird got stuck in the front grille of Torie Gray's pickup truck in Alabama after getting hit by the vehicle while flying across a road.

Gray didn't realize the owl got tangled in his truck's grille after impact and only discovered the stuck bird after traveling hundreds of miles and reaching his final destination.

"It wasn't until the driver finished his 300-mile drive that he realized that the owl was actually IN his truck!" the Conservancy of Southwest Florida wrote in their post about the incident.

After realizing that the bird was still inside the front of his car, Gray called the conservancy for help, which sent volunteer Tim Thompson to remove the animal safely from the grille.

"The owl was dull and had some swelling and laceration on one elbow due to the impact of the truck," the conservation center wrote of the bird's injuries. "He was given some fluids, pain medications, and laser therapy and placed in a cage to recover."

"After a week or so of treatment, he has moved to an outside enclosure, and staff is optimistic about his recovery," the conservancy, which is now caring for the bird, added in their Facebook post about the owl's current status.

"Nobody knows how it is alive. He had lost a few feathers, but he was pretty alert," Thompson said, per the Associated Press, about the owl's luck. "Every single person was shocked. They can't believe it."