Over 40% of Dog Owners Planning a Pandemic-Themed Halloween Costume for Their Pet, Survey Finds

From Tiger King to toiler paper, pet owners are taking inspiration from their coronavirus pandemic quarantines when it comes to dressing their pets for Halloween this year

dog toilet paper

Sourdough loaves, Tiger kings, and toliet paper, oh my!

Rover.com, an online pet-sitting service, recently surveyed 1,000 dog owners to see what they were planning for their pooches this Halloween and found that many pet parents are getting inspired by current events

Of the 66 percent of surveyed dog owners who said they would be dressing up their dog this year, 41 percent said their dog's costume is going to be timely to 2020 events, like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. And the dogs won't be the only ones donning costumes this year, 65 percent of pet parents who plan on having their pup participate in Halloween will also be wearing a costume that matches their canine's.

Rover also found that nearly half of dog parents are purchasing their dog’s costume this year, while one-fifth plan on making their dog's festive outfit. And of course, since you need a place to show off your pet's Halloween look while also social-distancing, 66% of dog parents said they are planning to display their dog’s costume via Zoom/video call or social media.

For the pet parents who are thinking of putting their pet in a pandemic-themed costume, Rover has a few adorable suggestions on their website, where you can find their costume interpretations of Tiger King, hard-to-find toilet paper, at home baking projects, and Zoom calls.

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