It brings new meaning to "wash, rinse, repeat" – but would you use it?

If we asked you to name four things that go into a washing machine, we imagine you’d say: T-shirts (check!), socks (check!), jeans (check!), dogs (wait – dogs?). That’s right, dogs – at least according to French inventor Romain Jarry, who recently created the Dog-O-Matic: a fully-automated washing machine for pets! Featuring what we hope is a delicate spin cycle, the Jetsons-like invention makes Fluffy extra fluffy, cleansing your cat or dog with tearless shampoo and then blowing him or her dry, all in the same ominous blue box. (You can watch videos of the process here.) While the contraption is only available in the small French town of Saint-Max at the moment, Jarry tells the Daily Mail he’s hoping to expand to England in the months ahead, depending on user reactions.

Sound a little crazy? With a price tag of $20 to $48 depending on the size of your pet, it’s definitely a little more luxe than your average backyard dog bath. “The dogs don’t seem to get bored,” says Jarry. “They just sit there and they come out clean.”