January 29, 2009 08:52 PM

When companies want to make an impression on Super Bowl Sunday with their million dollar ads, they often get more bang for their buck when they enlist animals–dogs, cats, birds, monkeys. We were reminiscing about animals in Super Bowl commercials and came up with this list of faves. Kudos to Budweiser for employing so many animals over the years – our all-time favorite is last year’s Bud ad with a Dalmatian who coaches a dejected Clydesdale to get in shape, Rocky Balboa style!

We’re hoping that there will be a new crop of classics after the big game this Sunday, but until then, lets take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

* This classic EDS commercial from 2000 about ranchers that herd cats cracked us up!

* This Bridgestone tire’s ad featuring forest creatures screaming is a winner!

* Career Builder’s office monkeys that rock out to Quiet Riot was an instant classic!

* Remember Bud Light’s Whassssaaaap campaign? This rendition by parrots was priceless.

* Pepsi made us laugh in 1997 when they taught some very talented grizzly bears dance to YMCA.

* eTrade made Super Bowl ads with a $2 million dollar price tag the punch line in this ad featuring a dancing monkey.

* A scruffy Bud Light drinking show dog named Larry was a hoot in 1995.

What’s your favorite? Leave your thoughts in the comments area below!

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